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ATTENTION: MEN in Brussels!

Is Rue d’Aerschot the best party in town?

Are the street girls on Avenue Louise worth the risk?

What can you recommend near the Rogier metro station?

For years, Brussels red light district has confused newcomers. And as a veteran of the neon lit parlours and back alley working girls of Brussels, I can tell you that you’re not alone! But when Robert Crider’s new Insiders Guide came across my desk for review, I thought, “here we go again. . .another brothels expert”. But not only did Crider’s intimate knowledge of Belgian brothels immediately grab my attention, within minutes I was ready to put his quick-start advice to the test. And what I discovered actually changed how I view Brussels!

The first thing I noticed in Crider’s material was it got right to the point. By page two I was discovering shocking differences between Grote & Albert districts, and by page 3 I actually had several brothels to consider. Only an insider could know the details Crider was providing, and all of his recommended venues included detailed information to let me choose based on price, location, and services provided. I was impressed by the fact that his recommendations were spelled out up front, no searching for several minutes to figure it out. Right away, Crider tells you which places he recommends, what’s available & price ranges. The primary purpose of this ebook was accomplished right away without wasting any time. Within minutes I was already an expert!

Brussels Red Light District Secrets Revealed

I’m sure you’ve heard the famous reputation of Brussels red light districts. With girls brought in from Thailand, Czech Republic and Slovakia, the selection has never been better. The variety of services you can find here is equal to anywhere, even Amsterdam & Bangkok. But don’t let it’s reputation fool you. Brussels is very different from most pleasure centers, and you’re about to discover why.

Most men visiting Brussels follow the tourist path, and big tour companies parade dozens of men through the big name brothels every night. But I’m 100% certain you don’t want to be in one of these “cattle drives”. Walking amongst drunken stag parties and Brussels first-timers, these trips usually end up both costly & unfulfilling. Selective travelers are more drawn to the “underground” Brussels red light brothels preferred by locals & journeymen travelers. And for good reason, as you will soon discover!

Robert Crider, Frans Kronacker and Michel Conard are the three most famous Brussels brothel gurus. These three spend their nights escorting high rollers into underground Brussels funhouses, where it seems that every girl is model quality. And if you’re willing to spend at least €500, I recommend using any of them to ensure you’re Brussels nights are as good as they can be. From their reputation, they can all lead you to the king’s services enjoyed everyday by the elite.

Breakthrough Details Unleashed

Robert Crider provides you a third option in Brussels. If you consider yourself somewhere between a “tourist” and a “high roller” his ebook Brussels Red Light Guide can provide you with immediate & powerful results. Packed with secret brothel locations and insider secrets that power up even the newest visitor’s Brussels experience! Inside Crider’s tell-all guide, Robert quickly reveals:

  • Scoring the hottest girls in Brussels in minutes
  • Escape the tourist pitfalls so common in Belgium
  • Ravage the hottest fantasy fulfillment parlours
  • Ignite your Brussels nights instantly with VIP power

If you want to escape the tourist path and discover the secret underground brothels throughout Brussels, grab your copy of Crider’s guide today. Crider guarantees it’s power through his cancel-anytime membership, and his ebook with all the latest updates can be yours now for only €45.99 Limited Time Offer! €19

Warning: Crider’s Brussels Red Light Guide is not for everyone. Some men enjoy the “party” atmosphere of big sex tours, and others can afford the elite guides like Kronacker & Conard. But Crider’s advice is certainly perfect for you if you’re new in town or if your time is limited. And with Crider’s rock-solid guarantee, you’ll want to discover all these secrets for yourself at no risk. To escape the tourist path forever and enjoy the insider’s path to the ultimate Brussels fast & easy click below now.

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Updated December 2018!